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Jackson Lane

Jackson joined the Ironbridge coaching staff in 2017, and serves as our 2021 Showcase Head Coach. A Chesterfield native, he started playing baseball at the age of four, continued on through his time at Manchester High School and was a Left-Handed Specialist at Christopher Newport University. His proudest personal moment was the day he graduated from college as a student-athlete, with his parents there to see him receive his degree. After college, he became a coach at Ironbridge because he wanted to give back to the sport that had given him so much.

Jackson is thrilled to have the opportunity to use his knowledge and experience to help young players take their game to the next level. Most often, Jackson tells his clients to focus on the basics and understanding the simplicity of the game. If a player masters the basics, the rest of their skills will naturally follow.

One of Jackson’s most memorable coaching experiences came in August of 2016. He met a Left-handed Pitcher/1st Baseman who was shy, scared of making mistakes, and worried about letting everyone down. He had real talent, but his fears were holding him back. Jackson helped him focus on one thing at a time, slowing the game down and preventing the flood of information from becoming overwhelming. Soon, the young player was pitching more consistently, making fewer errors in the field, and carrying himself with confidence. Seeing his progress not only as a ball player but as a young man was for Jackson a tremendously satisfying experience.